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Roger Federer is a Genius
Straight Arm Release
Roger’s Head Position
Straight Arm Vs Traiditional
Straight Arm Finish
The Takeback
Roger’s Grip
About Roger
Top 10 Tennis Volley Instruction Mistakes

Volleying in Tennis is one of the hardest strokes to learn because let’s face it, it’s quite intimidating when you first learn to volley at the net.   There are too many unknown, you have no idea where to stand, you have no idea how close to the net you should be, you have no idea […]

Top 10 Tennis Serve Instruction Mistakes

You may have played tennis all your life, but you may or may not know the little fact that more points are won or lost during the tennis serve and return of serve.  Next time you watch a tennis match on TV, count how many points in a game was won by the serve along. […]