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Volleying in Tennis is one of the hardest strokes to learn because let’s face it, it’s quite intimidating when you first learn to volley at the net.   There are too many unknown, you have no idea where to stand, you have no idea how close to the net you should be, you have no idea how to hit the ball, and the most deadly of all, you are afraid to be nailed in the face by the on coming ball.  To top it off, the widely available tennis instructions are just plain wrong.

#10 No Strength Training
Strength training in tennis is one of the most neglected aspect in professional sports.  It pains you to watch a match between Venus William and Maria Sharapova.   They belong to two different weight group, how the hell on earth can a skinny tall girl beat some one strong than an average professional bodybuilder.  No matter how hard Maria scream, she just doesn’t have enough raw power to keep a rally going, let along win the match.