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From: Ryoma
Publisher of Nerd Tennis News

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I’ve been training club players to play better tennis for the last 10 years.  And something is bothering me.

In those 10 years, I’ve met tons of club players who spending all day on courts, 7 days a week but never managed to improve their games.

Some got stuck in 3.0.  Some managed to compete in 3.5 level but never manage to beat a pusher.  They just can’t seem to get past “the wall.”  That’s 4.0 and beyond.

Most people just don’t know what it takes to get to 4.0.  They thought the difference between 3.5 and 4.0 are just better strokes mechanism.

Recreational players got stuck not because of their physcial ability.  But because they lack the secret mental skills that virtually all 4.0+ players do instinctively.

Some 3.0 players love to hit winners that barely clips the line whenever they take a wack at the ball.  The sheer joy of making such a winner overshadow the fact that they hardly make 1 out of 20 attempt during practice.  Not to mention the odd of getting one in during a match.

Many of you pay very little attention to the racket and string you use.  The fact is, it is almost impossible to communicate how a stroke should feel without elaborting on the racket and string set up.

It’s kinda tragic and comical when I try to hit like Federer with a head heavy racket.