NTA01 - Straight Arm Forehand Formula 1.0

Experience The Power, Finess and Dominance of The Roger Federer Forehand.

Your blueprint for a high octane straight arm forehand like Federer, Nadal and Verdasco. Debunk the myths. Videos step by step breakdown. Help you build the stroke in in first person perspective. This course is not for everyone. It is designed specifically for advanced tennis players who are at least a high 3.5.

  • Experience how to hit the ball with pinpoint precision.
  • Dominate your tennis partner/match opponent with your forehand.
  • Discover the rush of killing short ball under pressure.


  • Debunk the myths [Extended version!]
  • High Speed video explanation.
  • Muscle Anatomy animations.
  • Exercise to help you activate the necessary muscles.
  • Progression to build your own straight arm forehand.
  • How to build your own Roger Federer Forehand.