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We Provide Information, Training and Coaching to Help Recreational Tennis Play Rapidly Level Up Their Tennis Skills

NerdTennis offers tennis instructions for recreational tennis players to level up their tennis skill through teaching you how it feel to hit the ball properly and unique muscle activation exercises to help you get the feel.  You’ll discover how to hit the tennis ball with more power, more control and more topspin than you ever thought possible.  These unique exercises are revealed through online resources so you can get started immediately.  If you want to get the tennis instructions you need to have the tennis skills you dream of then NerdTennis.com is the place for you.

How We Do It

Nerd Tennis Online Courses
We have tennis courses for all your needs, from Straight-arm Forehand to one handed backhand.  You will receive a variety of essentials for becoming that master tennis players you always wanted to be.

Pro Practice Session Videos
If you like to watch the pros practice in slow motion, or have always wanted to study how the pro hit the tennis ball frame by frame, the Pro Practice Session Videos is The place for you to come and find the practice sessions you are looking for.

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